Counter-strike 1.6 XTCS

Counter-strike 1.6 xtcs

Counter-Strike 1.6 XTCS is the latest version of the game with new graphics updates. The game has been updated not only graphically, but also functionally. Thanks to the GSClient update, you can connect to any server. This version of the game is free of bugs and errors. New updates do not interfere with old game systems and servers.

  • Updated weapon models;
  • Updated game UI;
  • Modified standard models + HD models by XTCS Team;
  • A large selection of working and high-quality servers;
  • You have „GSClient“;
  • Protection against viruses and hacking;
  • Uses the latest 2021 Non-Steam version;
  • Support for all versions of Windows, incl „Windows XP“;
  • Updated and fixed client errors;
  • Added bomb indicator;
  • New bullet holes, grenade explosions and blood;
cs gameplay screeshots

Weapons in the XTCS version of cs 1.6

full version XTCS cs 1.6 game version

The weapons in the game look brand new. Classic rifles and other weapons were replace with beautiful models. For example, the Glock is custom white, and the AK-47 is completely redesigned and nicely textured. All weapons have been changed, so you will be interested to see what the developers have prepared for you. Unlike other assemblies, the developers of the game did not borrow skins from other games or other versions of xtcs, but created completely new ones.

Special attention was paid to the renewal of knives. Now, instead of the gray standard knife, you can attack your opponents with a beautiful knife model... In addition, our developers worked on an improved player appearance that looks much better and more interesting. Weapon check animation in XTCS has been disabled to make it more convenient and comfortable to play.

gameplay CS 1.6

XTCS Game updates

Updated player models are also evident. In the command and unit selection menu, you will see all the same information as in the standard version. Their tools and equipment remained the same. However, the torso textures really stand out from the rest of the game. Now the terrorists are painted in slightly different colors, just like the counter terrorists, the models were created in a new way.

Innovation will let you react faster and distinguish your competitors in the game. Thanks to the models, you will improve your reaction and be able to win more rounds. Indeed, in the dark corners of the map, it is difficult to tell if an opponent is there.

Can't open the installer? Solution here:

1. Open the install and display the message from the first picture
2. Click one more info
3. Click on "Run anyway"
4: Follow the normall installation steps! ENJOY!!!
Photo of Counter Strike 1.6 Solution - Fix Windows Seccurity Problem. Photo of Counter Strike 1.6 Solution - Fix Windows Seccurity Problem. Photo of Counter Strike 1.6 Solution - Fix Windows Seccurity Problem. Photo of Counter Strike 1.6 Solution - Fix Windows Seccurity Problem.